Unichem KatiKati Pharmacy

This 232m2 community pharmacy was long overdue a face lift and I had been saying it was a diamond in the rough for years. It took Steel Shin the new owner, and a team with a vision for the future, to transform this into a beautiful new store.  There is very little left of the original stone except out the back.

The shopfront adorns new signage with an auto sliding door, leading to a spacious well merchandised retail area, new wall and floor fixtures, carpet, suspended ceilings and LED lighting.

The dispensary was bought forward to create a dedicated unit dose area to the rear and allow better interaction with customers with the addition of two consulting rooms.

It’s only been three months and the store is already exceeding expectations.

Niam Kerr-Bell kindly shared a time lapse video of the fit out of this pharmacy.  

3D Visuals of the concept designed by Indesign of Unichem Katikati