Life Takapuna

The clients brief was to rejuvenate this 363m2 store which had become dated, dark and cluttered with competing displays, blocked sight-lines and pathways.  To design a mall facing shopfront that worked around the split level of the mall bulkheads, and retain clear sight lines to key areas in store.  While also using design language to showcase and ramp up the glamour within the prestige offer, without alienating the core health customers within the same environment.

The whole store layout was flipped to deliver great sight lines and maximise income-generating displays. Putting the prestige brands on both sides at the front of the store highlights the luxury element that these products represent.  Leaving space as open as possible around each brand as part of the design to seamlessly delineate each premium brand space as definable, accessible boutiques.

With prestige brands displayed around the perimeter we also utilized all the eye-catching visuals and luxury beauty campaigns that these brands use through integrated digital signage within unit designs.

Through original and creative design the new store is clean, open with a calmer layout. Wider aisles and eye-catching promotional displays lead customers to the higher end without it being unobtainable. Customers can now find what they need quickly and easily.