Girlz Room

A bright sparkly neon heart sign above the door invites you to explore the Girlz Room.  The inspiration of a girl’s bedroom set the style for this design.  Picture frames on the walls, inspirational quotes and images delivering positive messages adorn the walls.  Book cases, bed side tables and a dressing table display multitudes of colourful merchandise.  Clothes and spa towels hang from rails on the walls and gives the feel of a wardrobe.

A bed, with a gorgeous chandelier above, is displayed in the window and can be dressed according to the colour or style and enable the stork to have a changing pictured based on the current trends of the target market.  
A designated social media area with a couch, dress ups and a large mirror photo booth where images can be uploaded to social media sites is located at the rear of the shop.
The shop is interactive and has slushy days, make over days and welcomes customers to write notes or draw pictures and bring them into the store to hang on the pinboard.