AvantiPlus Sunshine Coast

The site was a rectangular shape with a hidden corner around the back. With careful layout planning we used the corner as a ‘meet and greet’ area for high end bikes. With a wooden table, tv units and soft flooring, it has a café feel and is a great place to personalise the bike with customised elements to the individuals preference.

Because of the depth of the store we created departmental divisions. These features were an opportunity to have a hero display for the major categories. As you enter the shop you are greeted with timber batons that form an archway where bikes are suspended on the left and right walls.

Mid way through the store there is a timber baton ceiling which continues the earlier wall feature theme, here you will find the work shop and point of sale area. The ceiling feature helps to create a slightly more intimate space. A bar leaner is located near the work shop enabling customers to engage with staff.

As you move further down, your eyes are drawn to the feature zone at the back of the shop. This dynamic circular displays help draws customers through the store, with clever use of lighting to create shadows as a back drop to the display.